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K-8th Grade Fall Callbacks

Where will Callbacks be held?

Please stay tuned. They will either be held at Music Makers or next door at the First United Methodist Church. We will let you know via email when the callback list is sent out.

What Does It Mean When You Get a Callback?

It just means that the production team needs to see more from you. It is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. It does not mean that you(r) child did not do well at their audition.When will I know if I got a Callback?

Either the director will let you know at the end of the audition on September 18th, or a group email will be sent out sometime after auditions to everyone the Director and the Production team wants to see.

What should do to prepare for my callback?
Usually at callbacks, you will be asked to sing something from the show— the team will let you know what you will be singing. You will also be asked to dance, so dress comfortably! If you have long hair, bring a ponytail holder in case you need to have your hair out of your face. You will probably be given some “sides” from the script to read along with other people also auditioning. Bring bottled water (no glass bottles, please) to stay hydrated. Remember that your audition/callback starts AS SOON AS YOU WALK THROUGH THE DOOR. Please be polite, be gracious and be positive!

How Soon Will You Hear About Casting After Callbacks?

MMT will send out the cast list before the 1st rehearsal!

How Many People Get Callbacks?

Sometimes there will be only a handful of people who receive a callback, but sometimes there may be a rather large number of people called back. There may be 10, there may be 30!

Who Will Be in the Callback Audition?

MMT does closed auditions, but our callbacks are open to all who are called back. You should expect to meet the Director, Music Director, Vocal Director, and Choreographer.


We ask that you please help your kids accept the part they have been given. We know that it is disappointing to not get the part that you wanted, but a play cannot run with just lead characters. Being a supporting cast member is also important, whether you have one line or one thousand lines. The playwright took the time to create each character for a reason. We believe that each role is important, and gives your child their own opportunity to shine in some way. Make the role YOURS! Ultimately, we are here to have a good time but also to learn, develop and grow as actors.

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